DIY | One Girl’s Trash Can Become Her Treasure Once More!

WAIT! DONT THROW THAT *$%# OUT! I set out on a noble quest in search of some simple DIY makeovers you can give your old random stuff. Here are the 10 best ones… Continue reading

FILM | Anne of Green Gables THE MUSICAL!

On Sunday September 8th, the Toronto Film Festival proudly announced that the Canadian East Coast classic novel, Anne of Green Gables, is in the initial stages of (drumroll please) developing a MUSICAL! The… Continue reading

Batwoman and Maggie Smith Won’t Be Exchanging Vows After All… Says the Comic’s Editorial Board

DC Comic’s Batwoman series seemed to be making some influential headway with both its strong female lead character, oh yeah… AND the fact she’s openly-gay! Sadly, the publication’s co-authors J.H Williams III and… Continue reading

Parents are Calling Nee Tattoo’d Edgy Barbie “WRONG, WRONG, WRONG” – Eeeaaasssyyy Now….

Inspired by the Japanese brand Tokidoki, Mattel has sicked a very controversial Barbie on the world. The $50 limited addition toy sports a punk-chick style pink bob haircut and some fabulous ink. However,… Continue reading

DIY | Ombré Dip Dyed Denim Shorts!

I can’t take the credit for this one, I didnt take these pictures nor did I write the instructions, but I love you so I had to share the D.I.Y wealth! Original Article… Continue reading

Trafficking of Canadian First Nations Women on U.S Ships… WAIT WHAT?

Umm, could this not have made more headlines?! I only found this information because I went looking… since when are Canadians not, like, SUPER CONCERNED about this kind of thing going on right… Continue reading