Sexist, Homophobic Organization Founded in Response to Boy Scouts of America Allowing Members to Be Openly-Gay

Scouts for Equality holds a rally to call for equality and inclusion for gays in the Boy Scouts of America.In May 2013, the Boy Scouts of America passed a vote allowing openly gay youth to remain, and be granted admittance, in to their organization.

The decision lifted a century-old ban which had prohibited such allowances, and closely divided the 1400-member National Council with 61% voting in favour of accepting gay youth, and 39% opposed. Lobbying efforts for the past several years from both parents, members, and gay-rights advocates sparked dialogue around this issue causing the organization to look into a solution

Unfortunately, while many victorious Scouts and supporters celebrated this social achievement, those in opposition to the movement had their own plans. Over 1,200 people from 44 American states assembled to form a counter organization called, Trail Life USA, on the platform that they aim to protect “the ‘moral free fall’ of the nation.” with the hopes of “raising a generation of faithful husbands, fathers, citizens and leaders.trail-life-logo

Cue the crickets…?

Trail Life USA requires all of their leaders to be A – non gay, and B – Christian (there goes George Carlin, rolling over in his grave). And if I may, WHAT?! Can we go back to the ‘Moral free fall’… ‘faithful husbands’ bit…

The dictionary defines ‘moral’ as – Based on strong likelihood or firm conviction, rather than on the actual evidence. Well if we want to talk evidence, one could simply study the behaviours of the heterosexual man, heck – the Christian heterosexual man, and decide whether their findings would prove the vast majority to faithful based on their sexual orientation, and in this context, more faithful than homosexual men.

I do not condone male-bashing – not what I am doing. I would defend men in a heartbeat if this situation were the revers (if you can even imagine such a thing). Ergo, if a homosexual organization formed on the premise that heterosexual men should not be allowed membership into a group solely because they believed homosexuality to be the one and only correct and respective way to live – yeah, I’d be all over that.

Now, I do hate to get out my shovel and take another few swings at this dead horse, but are we forgetting all the innocent young boys who have been subjected to sexual abuse and rape by male priests? Last I checked, priests are Christian men in positions of leadership, and because of a select (yet significant) number of them, have been often characterized as gay sexual offenders.

Could this whole thing, in part, be an effort to reverse this stigma? [Shakes head in disbelief]

But wait! There’s more! Trail Life doesn’t want anyone going home thinking they are complete chauvinist pigs!

Their statement goes on to re-assure those concerned that they “will be inclusive of boys without regard for religion, race, national origin or socioeconomic status, and will even accept boys who are experiencing same-sex attractions or gender confusion.” (Because obviously their confusion is only for lack of education about TRUE love and attraction) “…Boys who are openly homosexual, who are not “biologically male” or “who wish to dress and act like girls are not welcome.


I think I’ve made my argument here and could go on for pages, so PLEASE, give your thoughts. And if you wish, take a gander at TFLUSA’s ‘compelling’ promo video below.

(Thanks to Time, Youtube, and Farlex Online Dictionary)