FILM | Anne of Green Gables THE MUSICAL!

anne of green gables

On Sunday September 8th, the Toronto Film Festival proudly announced that the Canadian East Coast classic novel, Anne of Green Gables, is in the initial stages of (drumroll please) developing a MUSICAL!

The company Film Farm, with producer Kelly Harron (daughter of one of the co-authors Don Harron) shared with CBC that their goal will be to hire a Canadian producer. Um, YEAH!

Ranked 11th of the all time most read children’s books in the world, Anne of Green Gables: The Musical will be shot in it’s hometown, Prince Edward Island. Again, um YEAH!? 🙂 Harron says:

“Being Canadian you kind of forget how Lucy Maud Montgomery made a legacy around the world with this beloved, iconic character. So it’s super exciting.”

One last time, um YEAH!?

Fun Femme Fact:

Author of the 1908 novel, Lucy Maud Montgomery, cleverly used a clipping of model Evelyn Nesbit’s face, for the face of Anne Shirly which she had procured from New York’s Metropolitan Magazine.

I LOVE IT. Today, that seems to… dare I say… hipster!? Now people do that kinda’ thing to be vintage, to be different… not so much out of necessity. Way to go Luuucccyyy – original hipster right here! LOL

(Thanks to CBC News, and Wikipedia)