DIY | One Girl’s Trash Can Become Her Treasure Once More!


I set out on a noble quest in search of some simple DIY makeovers you can give your old random stuff. Here are the 10 best ones that I found!

1. Patterned wedges!

Cover the wedge part of an old pair of shoes with glue and cover it with a fabric of your choice, perhaps an old t-shirt or something that you don’t even need to buy. Cut the excess, then finish by coating the fabric with Modge Podge (a multi-use glue/sealant).


2. Gladiator wrap old flip flops!

Simply wrap the straps of flip flops with a fine fabric scarf. The excess ends will cross over right under the arch of the foot, then again at the back of the heel before wrapping the ends around your ankle and tying to finish!


3. Attach a collar!

Need I say more?!


4. Total hoodie to hottie transformation!

This one is quite awesomely involved, so I will just go ahead and forwad you to the tutorial page if you are interested! CLICK HERE for See Kate Sew’s website

4. Paint dipped flower pot!

Sooo easy. Take any old flower pot(s) you have. If you don’t like the base colour, paint it a shade you DO like, then let it dry for at least 2 hours. Next, flip the empty pot upside down, and ‘dump’ (carefully) some paint on the bottom of the pot. Pick it up with two, preferably gloved, hands and tilt it around in a circular motion until you get the desired drip effect. Dry your pot(s) upside down.

5. Paper your dresser drawer faces!

Remember that Modge Podge stuff from earlier? Well it will come in handy again! If you don’t like the knobs or handles on your dresser, maybe go to an antique store and choose a of matching, or even NON-matching ones which are the same basic style… like single hole, or double hole. If they have two screw holes, make SURE you measure what distance apart they are, and that they are the exact same as the current holes on your dresser drawers.

Remove all of the handles with a screw driver and set them aside.

Measure the dimensions of the drawers, then choose some decorative paper and cut out the sizes you will need for each drawer accordingly.

Using a paint brush, apply a layer of Modge Podge too the drawer faces, and carefully lay down your paper on each one, making sure to smooth out the bubbles.

Let dry, THEN trim any excess paper there might be.

Once it is completely dry, apply two more layers of Modge Podge to seal and protect the paper. Be careful of your brush-strokes, since they will show. Avoid leaving any drips.

Once COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY dry… reattach your handles and VOILA! You have a beautiful new dresser!


6. Shabby chic cork board!

All you’ll need is an old picture frame to start with. Purchase or salvage a piece of cork board and if need be, trim it to fit inside the picture frame. For some pizazz, find a piece of decorative paper and glue it to the cork board around the edges. Using Small finishing nails, attach the cork board to the frame from the back, then hang on the wall for a funky yet practical organizer!


7. Crayons to candles!

You can make these mini candles by using a short wick attached to the inside of a bottle cap. Fill a bottle cap up with your favorite color of melted crayon and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil! You now have the tiniest, cutest candles ever!


8. Unlock your originality with a key wind chime!

If you are…. a human being, then you probably have a ton of old keys accumulating. So, instead of letting them turn into a huge clump on a single key ring, turn them into a unique wind chime! You can make it extra eclectic by attaching some random charms, possibly from an old necklace, some buttons, a dangly earring. The sky’s pretty much the limit here.

Wire, strong string, or thin chain can be used to attach the chimes to any round object. I saw one person had taken old, round, large sized cookie cutters and punched holes around the bottom edges and used the handle to hang the finished product from. Someone else used an old tin water pitcher and somehow attached the chimes to the base. Just be creative, cuz’ it looks awesome!


9. Garden hose to patio chair?!

Prrrooobbbaaabbblllyyy my favorite on this list… prrrooobbbaaabbblllyyy because it’s the most challenging! You’ll need two lengths of soft hose, one 100 ft and the other 50 ft depending on the size of your chair. Cut off the hose’s metal fittings and wrap the longer one carefully around the seat of the frame, working from one end to the other and leaving a 3-inch piece of hose loose at each end. Those get tucked under the wrapped hose and secured with stainless steel zip ties (available at most hardware stores). Repeat the process with the shorter hose to make the chair’s back.

As you work, keep the hose coiled to make it easier to wrap and used a spring clamp to hold the already-wrapped sections. Keep in mind that garden hoses can be stiff, so a polyurethane one will work best.

Now sit back, relax, and feel like a friggin’ badass.

hose chair

10. Funky wrapped cords!

Tie a small knot around the first end of your cord.

Sew the knot together a ton – if you’re using nylon thread, it’s practically invisible so don’t worry about how it looks. sew until it feels tight.

Wrap wrap wrap! Do so really tightly and keep pushing towards the end you sewed.

Once you reach the end and have pushed the bungee or twine as far towards the other end as you can, keeping it all tight – tie a knot in the other end, cut and light with your lighter. Sew to secure with your needle and thread.


AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS! 10 wonderful DIY ideas to make your drabs in to fabs. ENJOY!


(Thanks to All Women Stalk, See Kate Sew, Pinterest, Sunset, and Almost Makes Perfect)