Batwoman and Maggie Smith Won’t Be Exchanging Vows After All… Says the Comic’s Editorial Board


DC Comic’s Batwoman series seemed to be making some influential headway with both its strong female lead character, oh yeah… AND the fact she’s openly-gay!

Sadly, the publication’s co-authors J.H Williams III and W.H Blackman announced on September 5th that they will be leaving the company after the 26th issue in December due the editorial board demanding, at the last minute, that Batwoman and fiancé Maggie Smith’s marriage be removed from the storyline immediately.

Obviously, there has been some speculation as to whether or not this was because the brides-to-be were, well, both brides. However, Williams disconfirmed the latter in the following twitter post:


To be fair, this isn’t the first time DC Comics has put the kybosh on marriage in one of their publications. Superman’s marriage to his well-known squeeze Lois Lane was also drawn to a halt.

In addition to William’s statement, DC Comics took to Twitter as well to reinforce that the removal of nuptials between Batwoman and Maggie Smith in their storyline was unrelated to sexual orientation.


Well, while it is sad (and slightly suspicious), I can neither fault nor criticize DC’s decision. If the company were homophobic, Batwoman’s character would have never darkened the pages of the comic to begin with. Most educated individuals can understand that in any industry, there are technicalities and red tape that make all sorts of problems for people, and as feminists we should not approach every issue with pre conceived assumptions that decisions are meant to be oppressive or prejudice. The whole idea behind feminism is to seek and see equality right? 🙂 Right!


(Thanks to Buzz Feed CBC, and Google Images)