Toronto Pitcher Brittany Chan Throws a 66 mph Curveball at an All Men’s Baseball Team


This chick might just be what the sport’s world needs… especially in the baseball profession. Just the other day I asked my partner “are there any national women’s baseball teams?”, because I’ll admit it, I’m no sports fan, and he said “no”. So what a coincidence that along would comes this 19 year old beauty only days later, showing that its not for a lack of interest that women aren’t visible in baseball, as she prepares to try out for the 25 person all men’s baseball team at Ryerson University.

In an interview with CBC, the team’s (might I ad – not ugly 😉 ) coach describes Chan as talented and having good mechanics. He goes on to say that, basically, what’s between her legs will have no affect on whether or not she is selected to sit on the team’s roster.

Another Canada girl for the win!

(Thanks to Sports CBC)