University of Manitoba Pro-Life Student Group Are Calling Abortion, “Genocide”: Fellow Students Protest

Many Winnipeggers have been closely following the story released yesterday by CTV News  regarding a University of Manitoba pro-life student group, who has sparked significant conflict by directly equating genocide with abortion through their lobby efforts.… Continue reading

Melissa McCarthy too Fat for Fox: Photoshop Strikes Again

Comedian Melissa McCarthy (if you don’t know now you know!) is a colourful and talented actress who I first fell in love with when she played bubbly chef Sookie in the TV series… Continue reading

Canada Introduces New ePassport: Wait A Sec’… Something Doesn’t Look Right

On July 1st 2013, our passports went through extreme makeover, Canada-style, making them both more attractive and secure. These new ePassports feature an embedded chip which stores one’s personal information, and 36 pages… Continue reading

Sexist, Homophobic Organization Founded in Response to Boy Scouts of America Allowing Members to Be Openly-Gay

In May 2013, the Boy Scouts of America passed a vote allowing openly gay youth to remain, and be granted admittance, in to their organization. The decision lifted a century-old ban which had prohibited… Continue reading

Can Saying “I Do” and Feminism Go ‘Hand in Hand’? surveyed 200 engaged women to find out if, and if so how, feminism may be present in modern day weddings. The study concluded that “feminist weddings” are in fact something that many… Continue reading

DIY | All Natural Moisturizing Body Wash Recipe

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